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Labour Rights Training

Ipieca is the global oil and gas association dedicated to advancing environmental and social performance across the energy transition.

Ipieca brings together members and stakeholders to lead in integrating sustainability by advancing climate action, environmental responsibility and social performance across oil, gas and renewables activities.

Ipieca was founded at the request of the United Nations Environment Programme in 1974. Through its non-lobby and collaborative approach Ipieca remains the industry’s principal channel of engagement with the UN.

Sustainability and Ipieca

Ipieca provides leadership for the global oil and gas industry on integrating sustainability across performance reporting, the Sustainable Development Goals and the supply chain. By advancing the uptake, consistency and quality of non-financial reporting; convening the sector to align and accelerate contributions to the SDGs; and promoting socially and environmentally responsible supply chains, Ipieca helps integrate sustainability considerations into decision-making and strategies.

Ipieca produces practical resources to help the industry identify, manage and mitigate social risks in its activities and among suppliers. It is our aim that these tools be shared by companies with their suppliers, cascading social good practice down through the supply chain.

Labour Rights Training

Ipieca developed the labour rights training with the contribution of Building Responsibly – the construction and engineering industry association promoting the welfare of workers.
The content of the training is prepared by Ergon – the Global consulting services promoting respect for labour standards and human rights – with the expertise and input from Ipieca and Building Responsibly members.

Below you will find various ways to access the training content. You can;

  1. Enrol in the Ipieca labour rights training learning pathway. Complete all the modules, in order, and receive a badge of completion once all the modules have been passed
  2. Complete the modules individually
  3. Access the videos and key lessons from each module individually