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Selwood is the UK’s number one pump rental solutions provider and a renowned manufacturer of pumps for sale around the world.


Operating from 21 pump rental branches around the UK, Selwood works across the water, construction, environmental and quarrying industries.

The company is known for the quality and longevity of its products, its expertise in delivering complex solutions and the outstanding 24/7 service delivered by highly trained teams.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Our Sustainability aims are aligned with those summarised by the UN – ensuring we can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Working towards this means engaging with our client and supplier base as well as looking at how we operate internally. We work with clients around the use of alternative fuels, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), and other more sustainable energy sources, as well as using technology to improve the efficiency of operations utilising local resources.

We work closely with our supply chain to enable the latest engine technology to be designed into our products, minimising emissions and maximising fuel efficiency. We also use remote monitoring technology to help our customers meet their own efficiency and sustainability goals.

Internally we use electrically powered vehicles where possible and utilise technology to reduce unnecessary mileage or idling times.

Why a Partner?

Working in partnership with our client base we are committed to ensuring that the equipment and solutions we provide are both sustainable and responsible. We believe that partnering with the Supply Chain Sustainability School will not only improve our understanding of sustainability but ensure that we can continue to add value to our clients in supporting them in achieving their own sustainability objectives.