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Serco's Sustainable Procurement Charter

This Charter sets out the high level requirements we plan to implement over time. It is divided in to headings under Environmental, Social and Governance as illustrated below. It sets out our minimum requirements and our longer term aspirations. We look forward to working together with our suppliers to realise these ambitions.

Generating Greater Value for Society

Diverse & Local Suppliers

Supplier Diversity

Diverse Workforce & Inclusive Workplace

Employee Health & Wellbeing

Safe Operations

Sustainability Strategy

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Human Rights & Labour Standards

Business Ethics

Employment & Training Equal Opportunities

Training and Skills

Contributing to our Communities


Protecting the Environment

Climate and Carbon

Energy and Carbon
Energy and Carbon

Waste Management & Circular Economy

Waste and Resource Efficiency
Waste and Resource Efficiency

Environmental Protection

Environmental Management
Environmental management

Ensuring Corporate Governance

Supplier Code of Conduct & Ethical Standards

Supply Chain Risk Assurance

Procurement for Professionals
Sustainability Strategy

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement
Supplier Diversity