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As one of the world’s largest providers of construction materials and cement, Tarmac are committed to providing products and solutions that make a positive contribution to the built environment.

By working closely with our customers, together we can reduce the environmental footprint of projects and deliver innovative, more sustainable solutions. We take a ‘whole life’ approach, addressing not only the extraction, manufacture and transport of our products but also consider their sustainable performance in use and opportunities for reuse and recycling at end of life.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Sustainability is embedded at the heart of our business, from our vision to our values and strategy. It guides our actions and the way we work. Sustainability matters because it is central to our collective long-term future. Not just for the financial success of Tarmac, but also for the communities in which we work and the environment upon which we all rely. It influences how we work at every level of our business.

Sustainable supply chain management ensures that Tarmac work with trusted companies that share their beliefs and values, commitment to continuous improvement and contribute to our sustainability objectives.

Why a Partner?

Tarmac has become a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School because we feel it is important to embed sustainability not only within our own business, but throughout our supply chain. The school provides us with a platform to provide our supply chain with the knowledge they need to meet their sustainability goals. It provides us with a way of collaborating with the other partners to share best practice of sustainability across the industry.

“One way we help suppliers is through the Supply Chain Sustainability School, a collaborative construction sector initiative designed to provide sustainability awareness, support and training materials to suppliers in the construction industry. Tarmac are proud to be an official partner and member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. ”
Emma Hines, Senior Manager - Sustainable Construction

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