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UK Power Networks


UK Power Networks owns and runs the electricity networks across London, the South East and East of England

We are the UK’s biggest electricity distributor delivering power to 8.5 million homes and businesses across London, the east and south east of England. We keep the lights on across 29,250 square kilometres, serving 19 million people.


We are committed to playing a leading role in supporting the transition to Net Zero.

If we are to deliver Net Zero by 2050, our business, together with the wider energy system and society at large, will undergo significant changes over the next decade. We want you to join us on the journey and help to shape the future of energy.

Building on our work in RIIO-ED1, we have undertaken our most comprehensive, wide ranging engagement programme ever. Thus, our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan is built on a solid understanding of our customers’ wants and needs.

Our Vision

Reflecting this new strategic context, we have updated our vision for the company, which sets the purpose and focus for our 5,500 employees and supply chain partners.

We ultimately strive to be consistently the best-performing Distribution network and System Operator in the UK, within an agreed set of values.

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

Our supply chain plays a critical role in helping us deliver our obligations and commitments to our customers. The purpose of our Supply Chain Code of Conduct is to ensure that the products and services we procure are aligned with our vision. This Code of Conduct represents an agreement between UK Power Networks and our suppliers to live up to the standards of ethical conduct that our customers rightly expect of us.

Our Code of Conduct is split across two criteria: mandatory requirements and focus areas. Our focus areas are a proposed way to drive improvement in UK Power Networks and our supply chain which may become mandatory in the future. Our suppliers will need to evidence how they have lived up to the Code.

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

Supply Chain Learning

It is important that the opportunities presented by this exciting future are open to everyone. The transition will require mass collaboration with government and wider stakeholders. Consequently, it is crucial that all our supply chain partners have access to critical resources.

Watch the helpful introductory resources below to see how the Supply Chain Sustainability School enables access to these essential materials and fosters learning and continuous improvement. Click on the “view learning” icon to complete our recommended materials and our learning pathway.

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