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Welfare Hire


A true innovator in its field, Welfare Hire built on five key pillars: Quality, Service, Environment, Wellbeing and Value

The UK’s leading hirer of mobile eco welfare and lighting to infrastructure sectors, Welfare Hire is setting the standard for modern, environmentally conscious specialist equipment hire.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with the most modern, innovative, eco-friendly specialist assets in the market. A true innovator in its field, Welfare Hire built on five key pillars: Quality, Service, Environment, Wellbeing and Value.

We offer some of the cleanest and greenest products on the market – many of which include unique and market-leading attributes, from the UK’s first Lithium, solar and hybrid power systems – with CO₂ reduction rates more than 15 times the industry standard; to Smart Water XL systems, leading the way in the reduction of externalities and transport carbon whilst optimising facilities and productivity onsite.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Through investing in modern, innovative assets and maintaining a high level of quality and service, we add value as a supply chain partner, providing the most modern, innovative and eco-friendly welfare and lighting in the market. We have unique products and services designed to optimise smart and green working to help future-proof projects for our key clients. Currently, compared to traditional and current industry standard assets, our specialist Eco proposition can mitigate up to 200,000 TONNES of CO₂ annually.

Why a Partner?

In order to gain a greater understanding of industry goals and contribute to best practices, as well as promoting next generation innovations in mobile ECO welfare and lighting to add value around sustainability, wellbeing and safety whilst optimising onsite performance.

Sustainability Case Study

“The ECO units are more reliable and environmentally friendly with less set up costs than alternatives, without the need for additional power generators and water supply. Welfare Hire deliver & park the units where you want and service it once a week. They also come with flood lighting etc already built in.”

Mobile ECO Welfare & Tower Lighting reduces carbon emissions in various ways, including these unique attributes:

  • The UK’s 1st Next Generation Hybrid Lithium Power System
  • The UK’s 1st Smart ECO Water System for WCs & Servicing
  • ULEZ EURO VI transport & mobile unit design vs standard in the industry
  • Smart Telemetry & Asset Managementt

Enhancing onsite hygiene, HSE and Wellbeing through various unique design features & attributes.

Welfare Hire's Key Resources

Energy and Carbon
Waste and Resource Efficiency
Sustainable Procurement