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Reflections From BAM

Published 01st Jun 22 - by Gemma Laws

In celebration of the School’s 10 Year Anniversary, throughout June, we will be publishing a series of Q&As conducted with Partners of the School. For this, we asked each Partner to reflect on the past decade of sustainability in the UK Built Environment industry.

For the first edition of our ‘Reflections From…’ series, we spoke with Kris Karslake, the Sustainability Manager for BAM UK and Ireland.

How would you describe the sustainability state of the built environment industry before the School was launched in 2012?

“A decade ago, the built environment felt fragmented, and it was challenging to involve organisations in our supply chain with sustainability strategies. The working group for principle contractors was in a silo, and outputs weren’t necessarily shared across the value chain.”

What impact has the School had on the built environment industry during this last decade?

“The Supply Chain Sustainability School has connected organisations and been a driving force to raise the bar for critical topics like carbon reporting, offsite construction, modern slavery, and diversity and inclusion.”

How has the School enabled the industry to drive positive sustainable change?

“The School’s multiple engagement methods, from in-person hands-on workshops to webinars and e-learning modules, have upskilled our supply chain, leading to positive change. Furthermore, the recent additions of Learning Pathways have really helped us to highlight specific areas for focus.”


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