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Social Value

Supplier Diversity

Providing free and fair opportunities for all businesses to bid for, and win, work.

Unlocking Innovation, Driving Competitiveness and Enhancing Reputation – MSDUK

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From the workforce to the supply chain, diversity and inclusion of people and ideas are critical drivers for further growth in any organisation and no longer the ‘box-ticking’ exercises of the past. Forward-thinking organisations are truly embracing and committing to diversity as an integral part of improving profitability and profits and outperforming the competition.” Supplier Diversity: Unlocking Innovation, Driving Competitiveness and Enhancing Reputation, MSDUK & CIPS

Supplier diversity is about providing a wide range of companies free and fair opportunities to bid for, and win, work. It’s about looking for supply chain partners outside our current networks – from different cultural, ethnic and gender backgrounds. There could be small and medium enterprises, “local” businesses, social enterprises and organisations majority owned and controlled by people from diverse or under-represented groups who could make brilliant suppliers – we just haven’t met them, yet.

Supplier diversity is an integral part of the social value agenda. PPN 06/20, the government’s Social Value Model, references diverse supply chains under the theme, ‘tackling economic inequality’ and there is strong evidence to support the commercial benefits of an inclusive approach to procurement. Proven benefits include increased innovation, brand enhancement and competitive advantage. Research shows that supplier diversity also has a positive effect on the long-term growth of an organisation, while helping to develop and nurture long-term, mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

“Research from the US indicates that companies which focus heavily on supplier diversity generate 133% greater return on their buying operations”
The Hackett Group

Supplier diversity - inspiration from another sector

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to supplier diversity by maximising procurement opportunities and proactively engaging and building partnerships with diverse suppliers. Whilst this is not our sector or country the business benefits remain.

Supplier diversity

Latest supplier diversity resources

Here are a selection of featured supplier diversity resources. To view more, please visit our full resource library.

Supplier Diversity
“Diverse supply chains not only bring innovative ideas and solutions to your business, they can also increase competitive advantage and market growth. ”
Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO, Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

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