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Leadership & Culture

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The UK Construction Strategy for 2025, sets out some big challenges for our industry which we will not meet without thinking differently and transforming the way in which we build. Achieving the targets set out in the strategy will require a paradigm shift in processes and culture that will require business leaders to think strategically about the implications of offsite construction to their business. This change will also require strong leadership and management for the benefits of these changes to be realised in the future. 

Leadership is often confused with management. In simple terms leadership involves directing or 'leading' a group of people whereas management requires taking responsibility for an asset or outcome (e.g. money, advertising, achieving a energy efficiency target).  However, management duties may be delegated to others whereas a leader will always take overall responsibility for achieving an outcome and ensuring effective management for a given situation.

Of course many management roles have major people-management responsibilities, but the fact that management does not necessarily include responsibility for people, whereas leadership always includes responsibility for people - a big difference.

In summary, Management' is focused on the process tasks and 'Leadership' is centered on people and teams carrying out the process tasks.

This section of our resource library will introduce you to the concepts of leadership and management and how this can impact on building effective teams. The resources include e-learning, workshops, video content, case studies and web based learning that look at;

  • The concepts of Leadership, Management and Motivation
  • Behaviours and areas for development  in the styles and behaviours
  • The different approaches leaders can take
  • How to know what components are required for change

As you move through the leadership and change management resources, you will gain an understanding of the components that help build team processes.  Learning and deploying these components will help you to build team alignment and team cohesion, to deliver effective teams and processes whilst supporting change. 

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Key terms:
 Culture, Leadership Traits, Leadership Style, Behaviours, Symbols, Observations, European Foundation for Quality Management or EFQM, Vision, Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating