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  • E-learning Module Leadership

    This 1 hour e-Learning module covers the need for strong leadership within the Offsite Industry, and how leadership skills can be enhanced in order to improve your business performance.

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  • Video Steve Jobs talks about managing people

    Apple's Steve Jobs talks about companies run by collaboration, ideas and not hierarchy (2010)

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  • Tool Leadership and Worker Involvement Toolkit

    This toolkit has been developed by the construction industry's Leadership and Worker Engagement Forum to help contractors and managers learn how to make health and safety improvements...

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  • Video Leadership styles

    Leadership styles are used to influence the level of motivation among the team   - Video by CommLab identifying essential requisites of leadership

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  • Video The 5 Leadership Styles

    Conor Neill video presentation. This video was inspired by the book "The Leader's Window"

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  • Video Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great

    The UC Davis Executive Leadership Program is a transformative, interactive seminar series that will expand your ability to confidently guide and direct your organization.

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  • Video John Maxwell The 5 Levels of Leadership

    New York Times Best-Selling Authored. John C. Maxwell teaches the high points of The 5 Levels of Leadership. The video explains how to be an effective and productive people orientated...

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  • Video Organisational Culture

    A short presentation on organisational culture covering the six culture types- Power, Role, Task, Person, Forward and Backward.

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  • Video Introducing EFQM

    EFQM excellence model explained.

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  • Video Benchmarking Your Business

    Uploaded on 17 Nov 2011 by Business Queensland GovBenchmarking your business allows you to compare your business with your competitors, and helps you to manage your finances and...

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  • Video Leadership in Construction

    Paul Morgan video summarises the role of leaders and leadership on a construction projects- covers conflict resolution, motivating staff and collaboration

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  • Document / Presentation Leadership versus Management: A Key Distinction - At Least in Theory

    Surprisingly interesting academic study into differences between management and leadership by the International Journal of Management, Business and Administration

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  • Web link The Passion Pyramid - HR Success Guide

    Improving employee leadership skills

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  • Video What Great Leaders Actually DO

    Video Presentation by Brendon Burchard on 'the six Es' that are executed by Leaders as apposed to managers : envison, enlist, embody, empower, evaluate and encourage.

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  • Document / Presentation Government Construction - Cost Benchmarking Principles and Expectations Feb 2012

    This document sets out for the first time the principles of construction related cost benchmarking standards which have been developed by the Joint Data and Benchmarking Task...

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  • Video Leadership : Create a Culture of Engagement

    Create a Culture of Engagement and learn how to find the Engagement Sweet Spot - Engagement is all about FEELINGS! As Carl Buechner said -- people will forget what you say; they'll...

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  • Web link Leadership & Management: Introduction & Case Study

    Leadership & Management: Introduction & Case Study- Part of TV choice and Training Films

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  • Video Problem Solving Techniques #3: Cause and Effect Diagrams

    Presentation by Eugene O'loughlin. Learn how about Cause and Effect diagrams and how they can be used to establish the root causes of problems

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  • Document / Presentation The Balanced Scorecard and the Business Excellence Model

    Paper exploring the merits of the Balanced Scorecard and Business Excellence (EFQM) Models.

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  • Web link Tribal Leadership TED Talk

    TED talk in which David Logan provides an introduction to Tribal Leadership

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