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Marketing & Business Development

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A good marketing strategy naturally goes hand in hand with an effective business development plan. Key elements to these functions includes: knowing your customers, knowing your market and product knowledge.

We believe that the adoption of offsite construction methods will change the business development process and will challenge your business to understand how it can take advantage of these changes. 

A digital change that is emerging, is that companies like Woolworths and more recently companies like Waterstones and HMV have moved to online sales.

The move to more offsite processes will impact every organisation in the construction value chain - but in many different ways. If you are currently dependent for over 30% of your income from one major source, this could be a time when you need to rapidly reinvent yourself. There is no point in any business marketing or development activity unless it produces new profitable revenue.  For example in a different sector the Sinclair C5 and the De Lorean car most of us will remember got great publicity and high profile marketing but never made any money.

The School provides you with insights into best practice and case studies of how other businesses in the sector are changing.  Through our resource library you can understand the key building blocks of business development and in our e-learning and video content we will talk through how to establish your marketing strategy, focusing on the importance of knowing your customers and market, how product knowledge fits into that and we'll explore how Offsite will change the business development process and look at what the key benefits to offsite are.

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Key terms: Sigmoid Curve, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, 4Cs, The Value Equation, The Purchase Decision, Features v Benefits, Seller Proposition, Solutions Focus Scaling, Buying Influences