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  • E-learning Module Supply Chain Management

    This 1 hour e-Learning module will discuss the need for a strong and competent supply chain, and how suppliers, manufacturers and clients can work together to improve supply chain...

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  • Web link Discussion on Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    Summary of an industry roundtable discussion hosted by the Guardian and covering the basic business motivations to have a sustainable supply chain.

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  • Video Supply chain management - the what and the why

    Cass is launching an MSc in Global Supply Chain Management - but why is it an important discipline and what skills do you need for a career in this area? Miranda Thomas is joined...

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  • Web link Supplier Selection Criteria in Utilities

    Guidance from North West based Utilities company United Utilities on the procurement criteria they typically use.

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  • Video 3 Keys to a Successful Supply Chain

    Milton Krivokuca, Quality Program Coordinator, California State University discusses how quality can ensure you're adding the right partners to your supply chain process - Published...

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  • Video Supply Chain Capacity Development

    The 5 things to know before committing to supply chain capacity development for more effective aid delivery.

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  • Video Quality Audit Preparation

    How to prepare for a customer Quality Audit with Jonstone Global

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  • Video What is e-Procurement?

    Kivetta Software's president and COO explains e-Procurement and how it can benefit your business or organization.

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  • Web link 9 steps to e-procurement success

    The basic procurement cycle consists of up to nine steps, depending on the complexity of the buy and organizational policies. 

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  • Video MCIPS CIPS Supply Chain Management NVQ

    MCIPS CIPS Supply Chain Management NVQ

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  • Web link Framework Agreements - OGC Guidance on Framework Agreements in the Procurement Regulations

    Guidance on Framework Agreements in the Procurement Regulations

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  • Web link Procurement and supply chain risk management

    Achilles publication highlighting methods to reduce risk. Reduce cost and raise performance

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  • Document / Presentation Supply Chain Mapping Results

    This resource provides you with real examples of supply chain maps for four products overlaid with risk maps for modern slavery, as researched during the Special Interest Group’s...

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  • Web link Supply chain analysis into the construction industry: a report for the construction industrial strategy

    This research paper provides an overview of the UK construction supply chain. The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills commissioned it to inform the Industrial Strategy...

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