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Offsite Knowledge Assessment

Helping you to understand offsite and develop your offsite strategy
The Supply Chain School’s offsite knowledge assessment methodology has been developed by a collaboration of 12 of the School’s Partners, working together to enable you to better understand the skills that you need in order to embrace the world of offsite.

Three fundamental principles of the School mean that:

  1. The assessment and all learning is free of charge
  2. On completion you are provided with a tailored action plan that links to selected best-in-class learning resources
  3. Your scores in the offsite assessment are confidential

 To get started you have 3 options. Are you:

  1. Already members of the School?
  2. New to the School and have no account?
  3. You are new to the School, but your company is already a member?

Guidance for all three of options is set out below, but if you are having problems please Rebecca on 0207 697 1977 or email

Option 1: Both you and your company are already members
  1. Simply click the Login button on the burgundy navigation bar above
  2. Once logged in you will see the My Account dashboard.
  3. From here select the Corporate drop-down menu
  4. On this menu select settings
  5. Tick the Offsite box under learning areas you are interested in and press update
  6. Then select the dashboard option on the Corporate drop-down menu
  7. Once in this section select Offsite under the orange navigation bar and press the Assess Now button in the middle of your screen
  8. Then it is just a case of undertaking your assessment and a learning action plan will be automatically produced at the end of the assessment
Option 2: You and your company are not members

You will need to follow the eight steps above, but before you do that you will need to register for an account. This is free and takes just a couple of minutes:

  1. Simply click the Sign-Up button on the burgundy navigation bar above
  2. Fill in your personal details plus a few questions about your company so that we can help ensure you get the right training resources
  3. Then follow the instructions from step three above
Option 3: Company is a member, but you are not

You may have been invited by a colleague formally through an invite link, or just by word of mouth – either way, all you do is: 

  1. Click the Sign-Up button and fill in your details
  2. We will automatically link you with your colleagues based on your email domain.
  3. You will see a list of your colleagues once you submit your personal details, and you will be able to ask the Admin to join the account.
  4. Once you have been approved by your Corporate account’s admin, you will receive a new password by email. If you are having problems with your company administrator not approving your account, then please ring Rebecca on 0207 697 1977 or email
  5. Whilst waiting for approval to join your company account you can still use the School's resources and even undertake Individual Assessments.
Not sure if your organisation has an account?

Don’t worry! Just click the Sign-Up button and fill in your personal details. We will search the system based on your email domain, and if we find an account with your colleagues in it, we will let you know! You can ask to join this account by clicking the Join Account button.

Once you have been approved by your corporate account’s admin, you will receive a new password by email.

Register now and become a member