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Offsite manufacture

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Offsite processes are production focused, and rely on volumetric or modular construction techniques.  These techniques result in much of the construction process taking place offsite in a controlled environment (such as a factory), which in turn allows standardisation of processes and designs and close control of costs and quality.

In this section the School focuses on providing learning resources on industrialisation, control and the improvement of volume production processes. The School looks at how Offsite Process can be implemented in five elements:

  • Good manufacturing practices;
  • Process controls;
  • Standard work;
  • Workplace organization; and
  • Standard management and performance.

Offsite process is important to both to the product manufacturer and the project client.  From the manufacturers perspective an efficient process will reduce defects, rejects, scrap and decrease manufacturing time.  From a client perspective offsite components ensure the delivery of a repeatable, consistent quality product on time to the end user.

Inability to schedule could result in overtime hours and premium delivery charges to get a product to the customer on time and ultimately a project client depends on the product manufacturer to meet schedule commitments and product requirements.

An optimised process yields a quality product at lower price, while simultaneously achieving greater profit. It also maximizes employee motivation and satisfaction and allows management to be able to sleep at night, knowing their standard process will run as designed and new issues will be quickly identified and resolved.

It should be noted that there is a lot of overlap in the skills and techniques that could be utilised onsite as well.  The key difference is that on-site process is project rather than production focused. You can find out more about the implications for on-site trades in our on-site processes section.

Key terms: Six Sigma, PPM, Plan-Do-Check-Act or PDCA, Failure mode and effects analysis or FMEA, PFMEA, Building Information Modelling or BIM, Process Capability Index or Cpk, Statistical Process Control or SPC, Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Motivation and Environment or SQCDME.