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Over 80 major clients, contractors and suppliers are working together to tackle the environmental and social sustainability issues within the construction industry.

With growing populations and increasing demand on finite resources the need to tackle sustainability issues is paramount. We need to decouple the link between economic growth and increased environmental impact whilst at the same time delivering increased social value for the communities in which we operate. In essence we need to deliver more from less.
As 80% of the turnover of major contractors goes straight to their supply chains, the majority of which are small and medium sized businesses, it is clear that we cannot tackle the sustainability impacts of our sector without a more sustainable supply chain.

This is where the School can help.

Funded by the UK's top construction contractors and clients, the School provided you with FREE practical support in the form of CPD accredited e-learning modules and training workshops, tailored self-assessments and actions plans, bench-marking tools, networking opportunities and access to thousands of online resources.

We provide support across a full range of sustainability issues; environmental, social and, of course, economic. Sustainability is also about being profitable. There is no point being the "greenest" business in the market if you are out of business in 12 months time. Through the School we'll help you explore 10 key sustainability issues and give you learning resources and tools that will help you better meet the needs of your clients. So whether it is biodiversity, carbon, waste, water, ethical, community or procurement issues the School is here to help.

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