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Understanding Sustainability in Construction

The Construction School provides best in class CPD accredited e-learning, videos, toolbox talks, workshops, supplier days, guidance and toolkits - all categorised under the 10 key sustainability issues below.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Complete a self-assessment and get your own personalised action plan that will signpost you to the most relevant resources for your business, taking into account your size, trade category and current level of knowledge.

  • Sustainable Construction

    Sustainability can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present generation... Read more

  • Sustainable Procurement

    Sustainable procurement can be defined as "using procurement to deliver long term social..." Read more

  • Energy and Carbon

    Through the Climate Change Act, UK Government has committed... Read more

  • Waste

    The construction industry is responsible for 120 million tonnes of construction... Read more

  • Environmental Management

    Specific environmental impacts such as water, carbon... Read more

  • Materials

    The UK construction industry uses more than 400 million tonnes of material every year... Read more

  • Local Business and Community

    Whilst our section on social responsibility looks at the internal... Read more

  • Water

    Parts of the UK suffer from water scarcity with the South East of England having less... Read more

  • Biodiversity

    Biodiversity simply refers to all living things. All plants and animals contribute... Read more

  • Employment Skills and Ethics

    Our definition of social responsibility covers the term ethical trade... Read more