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Sustainable Procurement

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Sustainable procurement is defined in the standard ISO 20400 as “Procurement that has the most positive environmental, social & economic impacts possible over the entire life cycle”. 

This definition can be applied to everything we buy and helps us to address sustainability through competitive markets to deliver short and long term value

Up to 80% of the spend on construction projects with major contractors is passed through to their supply chain. Sustainable procurement is therefore a critical part of client and contractors’ policies and strategies. 

If the industry is to respond to the UK Construction Strategy and deliver work more sustainably and more efficiently, we must build the skills necessary to achieve these objectives through the supply chain.

ISO 20400
In April 2017 ISO launched the first global sustainable procurement standard. School delivery partner Action Sustainability led the UK delegation to develop the standard and has developed a wealth of learning resources to help businesses to align to it. The standard builds on and replaces BS 8903.

Self Assessment Tool

Re-assessing and working through your new action plan will support your journey of continuous improvement in sustainability. You can re-assess at any time and access an updated action plan.