Supply Chain School

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The FM School provides resources in a wide range of formats including e-learning modules, case studies and training workshops on identified management competencies and processes. All resources aim to increase your knowledge and competence in the key themes below. Your personalised, tailored action plan will signpost you to those resources which are most relevant to your business and level of knowledge and the School will take you and your business on a journey of continuous improvement.

  • Sustainable FM

    Sustainable FM looks at the business case for sustainability, why it is important, and how you can contribute... Read more

  • Sustainable Procurement

    Sustainable procurement assesses the long term value of both products and services... Read more

  • Environmental Management

    Specific Environmental impacts such as water, carbon... Read more

  • Energy and Carbon

    FM has a vital role to play in reducing energy and carbon... Read more

  • Materials

    There is a growing number of certified responsible sourcing schemes... Read more

  • Waste

    Issues such as the circular economy and zero waste to landfill are becoming increasingly important... Read more

  • Water

    FM is responsible for how water is managed within buildings and the people that use them... Read more

  • Biodiversity

    Biodiversity simply refers to all living things. All plants and animals contribute... Read more

  • Employment, Skills and Ethics

    FM must address issues of human rights, diversity and corruption... Read more

  • Local Business & Community

    Clients and contractors are increasingly required to address 'local' issues, Read more