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Sustainable food and drink


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Sustainable food and drink improves the quality, nutrition, and sourcing of our products. The Healthy Living Working Group (HWLG) is a cross-functional team designed to develop policies that benefit our customers in areas such as sustainability, welfare, ethics and nutrition. HLWG reviews current policies and also develops new ones, which support government healthy eating initiatives, ethical and sustainable sourcing and customer needs for both own brand and branded products. is now a Supporting Partner to the School; a leading online initiative dedicated to creating positive change for sustainability in foodservice. acts as a central hub, bringing organisations together to share best practice and to help take the industry’s sustainability agenda forward. Throughout the plate2planet site you can discover and share your own ideas about sustainability in foodservice. The focus is based on insight from across the food-service sector and covers the following topics: 

  • Community Engagement 
  • Food Waste & Waste Reduction 
  • Responsible Consumption which also covers Health and Wellbeing 
  • Responsible Production which covers: Efficient transportation, energy saving, environmental management, procurement and sourcing, product development, reducing water, refrigeration, sustainability reporting, sustainable packaging and sustainable supply chain

"We’re aligning to the UN Sustainability Goals to focus our activity and, coupled with the survey results, our collaboration will drive responsible production and consumption across foodservice and help you to deliver real change for your organisation" - plate2planet

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