Supply Chain School

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The School's resources can help you to meet the increasingly tough environmental and social requirements of clients who represent the largest pipeline of major infrastructure projects for decades.

Project investment over the next 20 years provides the industry with an opportunity to not only improve the transport, energy and utility infrastructure, but also to deliver significant reductions in environmental impacts and improvements in the value that society receives from this public investment.

Clients are demanding more sustainable practices; stakeholders are exerting more pressure and legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. As a result the demand for supply chains to provide efficient, green and ethical solutions as normal business routine is increasing. 

With tough UK carbon reduction targets in place, waste in resources provides negative impacts both from an environmental and an economic perspective. Legislation such as the Immigration Act 2014 and Modern Slavery Act 2015 is forcing organisations to re-consider their labour standards, as well as a predicted skills shortage within the Infrastructure sector; the need to embed sustainable outcomes within the supply chain is stronger than ever. Excellence in this area is providing organisations within the supply chain an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors and work with more enlightened clients. 

In order to develop supply chain competence and to inspire collaborative practices, a group of industry clients and contractors have created the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The School is free and available to any supplier, providing a mixture of resources, designed to inspire and support the organisation in embedding sustainable construction practices and is part of the industries continued commitment to lead the industry into a brighter, more sustainable future.

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