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Biodiversity is a significant area of impact and opportunity for Infrastructure. Large scale projects often require an appreciation of the natural environment of both flora and fauna. Infrastructure projects can also enhance the natural environment with the creation of Green Infrastructure.     

Biodiversity refers to plant and animal species diversity within a particular area or habitat.  All species contribute to biodiversity with each individual species ultimately playing its own unique part in our global ecosystem.

It is important for Infrastructure to understand that activities such as the improper disposal of waste, air pollution, poor management of grounds and the generation of Green House Gases (leading to climate change) can have a negative impact on biodiversity at local, regional and global scales.  

Infrastructure is however ideally placed to initiate and deliver projects within and around the built environment that have a positive impact on biodiversity.  Opportunity exists to enhance the user experience and wellbeing of clients and the users of their buildings and their surroundings.
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