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Sustainable Infrastructure

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Sustainable Infrastructure involves delivering civil engineering structures that provide greater satisfaction; increased well-being and value to customers and users. Sustainable Infrastructure also respects and treats stakeholders more fairly, enhancing and protecting the natural environment, minimising the impact, the consumption of energy and natural resources as well as making the infrastructure industry more profitable and more competitive.

Consequently the construction industry has a significant opportunity and responsibility to help tackle these sustainability issues. The Government’s ‘Construction 2025: industrial strategy for construction - government and industry in partnership’ outlines clear targets for improved sustainability in construction. 

CEEQUALis the primary framework for the assessment of the sustainability of Infrastructure projects in the UK. This provides a practical system for measuring, rating and reporting sustainability in construction projects. 

The Infrastructure School will be updating the content based on current developments in Government relating to Infrastructure. In particular The Infrastructure Bill, which would provide a £3.9 billion boost to the economy over the next 10 years by:

  • improving the funding and management of our major roads
  • streamlining the planning process for major projects
  • protecting our infrastructure from invasive plants and animals
  • supporting house building
  • making it easier and cheaper to register land and property
  • helping communities become stakeholders in renewable electricity projects
  • maximising the recovery of oil and gas from the UK continental shelf
  • simplifying underground access procedures for the shale and geothermal energy industries

Self Assessment Tool

Re-assessing and working through your new action plan will support your journey of continuous improvement in sustainability. You can re-assess at any time and access an updated action plan.