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Users, Members, Supporters and Advisors


Who can be a user?

  • The School is primarily marketed to the supply chain of partners but the website has open access so anybody can join as a user

What is the difference between a user and a member? 

  • A user becomes a member when they learn something. You will automatically be registered as a Member as soon as you access any of the resources on the website
  • You will be re-classified from member to user if you fail to access a resource in 12 months from April 2016 or if you are registered before May 2016 and have failed to access a resource in the period June 2016 to April 2017



  • A supporter is an organisation that shares our values and is able to contribute something to the School, usually in the form of learning material that we can deliver through the School free of charge. Please click here to view the School's supporters


  • Where required, the School Delivery Partner will appoint advisors with special knowledge. We currently have advisors for; training, legal and media

Service providers

  • We engage service providers to deliver elements of what we do in the school. This includes, training, e-learning preparation, IT development etc.

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