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Our greatest asset is our People – HW Martin (Traffic Management)

Published 04th Oct 21 - by Becky Bryant

“Our greatest asset is our People”

How HW Martin (Traffic Management) are using the People Matter Charter to evidence their commitment to their employees and supply chain partners.

Since establishment in February 1988, H W Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd has developed into one of the largest traffic management providers in the country. Their mission is to be a safe, customer-focused traffic management partner of choice for their clients, whilst being a primary embedding mechanism for an inclusive and sustainable sector. Their experts deliver data-led, traffic management services within a temporary environment. Put simply, they guide vehicles around roadworks in the safest, most efficient way possible, delivering excellence in operation for their clients.

HW Martin (Traffic Management) pride themselves on their dependable, agile, and progressive approach that has seen them continuously fulfil their commitments to clients for the past 33-years. They are inspired to improve the experience of everyone who travels or works on both the Strategic and Local Authority Road Network.

HW Martin (Traffic Management) and the People Matter Charter

HW Martin (Traffic Management) first became aware of the People Matter Charter during one of The School’s Fairness, Inclusion and Respect webinars. James Hunt (Sustainability Manager) is a proud FIR Ambassador and the principles of the Charter resonated with his own beliefs on how an organisation should treat it’s greatest asset, it’s people.

“Signing the Charter confirmed our existing commitment to our employees and supply chain partners.”


Commitment focus

HW Martin (Traffic Management) have chosen to focus on Intent 1, EDI (although they prefer FIR!). They have been promoting FIR in the work they do since 2016 with their approach and priorities evolving over time.

The Covid-19 pandemic; increased awareness of mental health issues; Black Lives Matter movement and the abhorrent abuse aimed at people over social media have drawn major attention to inequalities in our society and have raised questions about the effectiveness of plans and approaches to promote equality, diversity & inclusion.

As part of their Partner status with the School they have arranged for a “Becoming a FIR Ambassador” training session to be run, and they have invited colleagues and supply chain partners to this to further raise awareness. They are also in the process of creating bespoke Learning Pathways for internal colleagues which will incorporate FIR resources and CPD accredited e-learning.

Implementing the People Matter Charter within workforce strategy

In order to promote awareness and tackle under representation in their businesses, HW Martin (Traffic Management) believes that there is more to do to build understanding of, and engage with, structures of exclusion. Having have just produced their first FIR Report, they are also developing a Positive Action Plan to raise awareness internally of the topics raised.

They are looking at advertising, recruitment strategies and their general communications to identify how they can be more accessible to minority groups amongst other activities. The report also challenges some common misunderstandings relating to FIR.

“We want to develop is an environment that promotes equitability, equality and accessibility for all – this is simply about creating a level playing field.”

Should others sign the charter?

HW Martin (Traffic Management) believe that the Charter will ensure that an organisation focusses on their people – both directly employed and within the supply chain. They believe that having an effective and inclusive workforce strategy is essential to attracting and retaining people, especially considering the skills shortages in the construction industry. Signing up to the Charter will go a long way to ensuring that the welfare of employees and supply chain partners are prioritised, promoting that culture will provide the base for a sustainable sector.

“Using the Eight Commitments you can create a strategy to focus on specific areas for improvement whilst ensuring you celebrate and formalise the great work that is already happening within the organisation.”


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