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Hopwood Hall College


Hopwood Hall College and University Centre outlined its ambition to be the ‘Guardians of its Environment’ when it launched its new College Strategy in 2021. Since then green values, ideas and initiatives have become firmly embedded in all aspects of the college community. This means that sustainability and environmentalism are at the heart of its course offerings, events, facilities, plans for the future and more.

The college’s new Green Energy and Utilities Hub is a fantastic example of the ways in which its investing in green skills, where learners are gaining the expertise that will allow them to forge long and successful careers in emerging industries. No matter what industry students are training to enter, they’re being armed with the knowledge and understanding of how to successfully live, work and contribute to a net zero world.

The climate crisis is something we all have a collective responsibility to tackle and it’s through a collaborative approach that we’ll be able to ensure a green new future. This partnership allows us to continue to lead the way when it comes to supporting learners in gaining a strong understanding of sustainability so that they’ll be able to incorporate this into their studies, careers and personal lives.

Through working with the School we feel even more confident in our ability to embed green thinking across our college community and strengthen our mission to be the Guardians of our Environment.

The college led the way when it overhauled the physical edition of its course guide and turned it into a fully digital version. This ‘micro prospectus’ ultimately saves more than 500 trees each year through cutting down on unnecessary print costs. It’s also more accessible and more inclusive than ever before – proving that sustainable initiatives can be successfully implemented without impacting upon overall function. This micro prospectus – which is dinky in size, made with 100% recycled materials and featuring a QR code that takes people to the digital version of the course guide – was extremely well received by prospective students, the community and businesses.