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J Coffey


Why a Partner?

J. Coffey Construction are delighted to have become a recognised partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

We recognise the importance of the social, economic and environmental values associated to sustainability. Becoming an active partner of the school, will enable us to enhance our sustainability credentials as we journey towards greener objectives to meet our client’s needs. Being partnered to the school will assist in a number of ways of meeting those objectives.

With the training and support the school can offer, we can confidently move forward implementing the values associated to the environmental, social and economic issues in how we look after our employees and our project delivery, to help make us a company others would aspire to.

No longer is it just about Health, Safety and Environmental, the new normal is Social Value, Mental Health Awareness, Well-being, Fairness, Inclusion and Respect. It is not just a journey for us as a business, but also our supply chain where we recognise the value they bring to our service delivery and the benefits of collaborative engagement, all of which disseminates down to our workforce and project delivery, to meet the needs and expectations of not just our employees but our clients and the wider community.

We appreciate that implementing these new values will not happen overnight, but as a company we are committed to improving our performance so that it benefits our clients, employees, the environment and the community.