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Lean Construction

Many businesses are already benefitting from using Lean methods, and there are huge opportunities to do more.  But what is Lean construction? It is all about understanding how to be more efficient, reduce waste and do just what is needed to make your processes and business more successful.  Lean construction involves a toolkit of techniques which can be deployed across any business to make these efficiency improvements. Sign up today to find out how the Lean Construction School can help your business.

The methods in the Lean Construction School have largely been developed from the successes achieved in the manufacturing sector by organisations such as Toyota, and their development of the Toyota Way since the 1970s.  

There are eight key topics identifed by the Lean School: introduction to Lean, 5S, Standardised Work, 7 Wastes, Collaborative Planning, Visual Management, Value Stream Mapping and Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement.    

The School provides you with FREE practical support in the form of CPD accredited e-learning modules and training workshops, tailored self-assessment tools and action plans, bench-marking tools, networking opportunities and access to hunderds of online resources.

To benefit, simply undertake our self-assessment and link yourself to our world class resource library.

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