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Launch of Lean resource library

The Lean Construction School is designed to help make your business more efficient. Sign up today!

8 e-learning modules

The Lean School has 8 e learning modules to help you build your knowledge in Lean construction techniques.

Improvement Workshops

The Lean School is looking for volunteers for Lean improvement workshops. Please contact us if you have a construction project which could benefit from Lean.

Welcome to the Lean Construction School

33% lower costs, 50% faster delivery, 50% lower emissions and 50% improvement in exports... our targets set in the 2025 Construction Strategy.

Undeniably these targets would be difficult for any industry and the reality is that change is needed for the construction sector to meet these challenges.  Lean is a powerful technique to drive efficiency and its wide spread uptake will help us meet our 2025 targets. Our learning materials and resources will help your business become more efficient by helping you adopt techniques such as collaborative planning, waste reduction and problem solving.



Lean Construction Overview



Lean Construction in 3 Minutes



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