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Building a Greener Tomorrow: Energy Efficiency Revolution

Energy and Carbon, Sustainability

Published 30th Oct 23 - by Gemma Laws

On 1st November, the Supply Chain Sustainability School will bring industry leaders and experts together for an unmissable virtual conference, ‘Building a Greener Tomorrow: Energy Efficiency Revolution‘.

With keynote speakers from Cadent Gas, Wates Group, Travis Perkins, and Speedy Hire, this event investigates the steps you need to take as an SME or large enterprise and reflect on your energy efficiency strategies, to remain resilient despite turbulent times ahead, and keep in step with some of the UK’s most forward-looking sustainable brands. 

Why Attend? 

Navigating the complexities of energy consumption and the transition away from fossil fuels is a recurring topic in the news. It touches every facet of our lives, from how we heat our homes to the way we manufacture goods and get around.  

Key facts on energy efficiency: 

  • Innovating for Net Zero: According to the “Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025,” the UK construction sector is geared towards growth markets in smart technologies and green construction, outlining a proven long-term vision for achieving Net Zero. 
  • Building Sector: Responsible for about 40% of the UK’s total energy consumption. 
  • Gas Dependency: Approximately 78% of UK households rely on gas for central heating. 
  • Retrofitting: Upgrading existing buildings could lead to a 50% reduction in energy demand from heating, according to government estimates. 

The UK’s Energy Strategy aims to “Power Up Britain” efficiently, placing a strong focus on retrofitting existing infrastructure and expanding the use of renewable energy sources. Additionally, it sets ambitious goals that every sector needs to work toward.  

This virtual conference is designed to provide you with the insights, tools, and practical strategies that organisations will need to make a meaningful impact on energy efficiency. 

Agenda Highlights  

Cadent Gas: Regulatory Change and Need for Innovation Management  

Topics covered: 

  • Regulatory Influence and Policy Formation 
  • Supply Chain Engagement with Green Gas 
  • Forward-looking Ambition for a Hydrogen Economy 

“The journey towards decarbonisation is not a solo endeavour. Through robust partnerships, we can amplify our impact and propel the UK into a low carbon economy, turning green gas from a niche market to the norm.” Sikander Mahmood, Operational Transition, Project Manager. 

Wates Group: Lessons Learned from Energy & Carbon Reduction Projects 

Topics covered: 

  • Transitioning to Renewable Energy 
  • Alignment with the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) 
  • Commitment to Achieving Net Zero by 2045. 

“Energy efficiency is not just an operational concern; it’s a strategic imperative. With our ambitious Net Zero goal set for 2045, we are proof that commercial success and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.” Adetunji Lawal, Head of Energy and Carbon. 

Travis Perkins: Sustainable Products, EPDs, and Energy Efficiency 

Topics covered: 

  • The Role of Sustainable Products in Supply Chains 
  • Services Designed to Guide Businesses Through Environmental Legislation 
  • A Comprehensive Plan to Enhance Energy Efficiency Across 2,000 Sites. 

“Our top ESG priority is to ‘decarbonise the industry’ and key to this is effective collaboration across the value chain. By engaging with suppliers, we can ensure our customers have access to a range of sustainable products and services, supported with better product data that helps meet the challenges of retrofit and decarbonisation in the UK.” James Vance, Group Head of Environment.  

Speedy Hire: A Decade to Deliver – Achieving Net Zero by 2040 

Topics covered: 

  • Plans to Reduce Scope 1 and 2 Emissions by 50% by 2030 
  • Strategies for Cutting Scope 3 Emissions by 42% by 2030 
  • The Importance of ‘Decade to Deliver’ Strategy in Meeting Targets Ahead of Government Deadlines. 

“We have ten years, not just to talk about sustainability but to act. With our ‘Decade to Deliver,’ we are accelerating the race to Net Zero, 10 years ahead of governmental targets. Time is of the essence; let’s act on it.” 


Join us on Wednesday 1st November to hear these thought leaders expand on these critical topics and equip your organisation with the latest strategies and insights on energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Learn more and register for our ‘Building a Greener Tomorrow: Energy Efficiency Revolution’ virtual conference here. 


Written by Chris Williams-Lilley, Senior Consultant for Action Sustainability.