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Redrow is one of the UK’s leading residential property developers, aiming to be the developer of choice for customers, landowners, suppliers, subcontractors and investors.

In 2018, Redrow handed over its 100,000th home and has invested more than £2.7 billion in local communities a 44 year history. We aim to build responsibly and create better places to live, by embedding sustainability values throughout our operations and ensuring continual review and improvement.


Sustainability and Supply Chain

We believe that sustainable development is achieved through a collaborative effort, so we actively engage with our supply partners to achieve this. Redrow have a well-established policy for partnering with our supply chain and through this; all of our suppliers and subcontractors are obliged to apply sustainable procurement principles to their sourcing activity. Furthermore, Redrow is also committed to ensuring that there is no Modern Slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains, and we have systems and controls in place to mitigate risks.

Establishing both social and environmental criteria with suppliers and subcontractors at the outset means that we start the dialogue about sustainability in the early stages of a relationship. This improves ongoing communications and enables us to develop an appreciation of the key drivers important to us all.

Why a Partner?

Our partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School has allowed us to further support our supply chain partners. Moreover, through enhanced stakeholder engagement, we have adopted a holistic approach towards sustainable development and our group sustainability strategy has delivered real social and environmental value.

“We provide long term sustainable value to homebuyers, communities and shareholders. Our success is dependent upon forging mutually beneficial relationships with our supply chain partners. We view the School as a vital support mechanism to facilitate improved understanding and application of sustainability; strengthening supply chain relationships and helping to tackle wider societal and environmental challenges faced by our industry.”
Robert Macdiarmid, Group Sustainability Director