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This project has been delivered with support from the CITB Structured Fund, which aims to ensure that the construction industry has the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and is equipped to meet the future skills demands of the industry.

FIR Toolkit    

The toolkit for Fairness Inclusion and Respect (FIR) in the construction industry, provides a range of free resources. Anyone can access and use these materials, at any time.

We recommend that directors and senior managers begin by using the e-learning module relevant to them. Based on learning from that module, they should identify other employees, within all levels of their organisation, who would benefit from using the Toolkit and encourage them to do so.

Site and team managers should also begin by using the e-learning module relevant to them. This will provide a basic grounding in FIR. This includes all the concepts that sit behind four Toolbox Talks for site operatives. The module also provides guidance on how to deliver the Talks; that guidance is also available, in writing, as a download from this page.

Each of the four Toolbox Talks for site operatives consists of a short film and a trainer script. The dialogue within each short film is also available for download, to assist those who are hard of hearing or for whom English is not a first language. The films and trainer scripts should be used together, and delivered by a manager or trainer who has absorbed and considered material within the relevant e-learning module. 



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E-learning Modules:

  • Achieving business success through FIR (module for directors, senior managers and professionals)

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  • Fairness, Inclusion and Respect on site: Why it matters and how to achieve it

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Toolbox Talks:

Supporting Documentation 

Understanding the How and the Why of FIR


Leading People Inclusively:


Differences between Leadership and Management:


Resource Library:

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