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Plant Charter

The School will lead the way for the UK's built environment to drastically reduce onsite emissions to air that are harmful to human health and the planet.

Plant Group

Download Plant Charter


Download Plant Minimum Standards Version 3.0


Why do we need a Plant Charter?

Following the declaration of a climate emergency, the UK is the first major economy to set a legally binding target to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. It has been estimated that all the plant used in the UK, from hand tools all the way up to 30 tonne excavators, via welfare cabins and generators, accounts for 2% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions. More widely, the Construction Leadership Council have set a target that there will be 78% less diesel being used on all sites by 2035.

In terms of tailpipe emissions that lead to poor air quality and the associated health impacts, it has been stated that air pollution is linked to 40,000 premature deaths each year in the UK. Closer to home, the construction sector accounts for a third of all particulate emissions in London.

Together we can support and contribute to addressing this situation, and the Plant Commitment Charter is collective way of demonstrating this.

What is the Plant Commitment Charter?

The Charter is an outward declaration that organisations are serious about taking action to reduce air quality impacts and carbon emissions. It is based on the Minimum Standards that the Group has developed. They are interlinked documents, available to download from this page, that describe the actions the sector should be undertaking to address the emissions from plant they buy or rent.

The key topics for action are:

  • Addressing and reducing tailpipe emissions;
  • Engaging stakeholders such as clients, suppliers and trade associations on your actions to reduce emissions;
  • Training your staff and associates on why and how you are reducing the emissions;
  • What innovative actions you are taking, whether it’s technological or measuring the embodied carbon of plant;
  • Using and sharing telematic data to enhance equipment performance, optimise maintenance schedules and reduce environmental impacts; and
  • Including and promoting the Charter throughout your procurement activities.

By signing the Charter you are making a public statement that you are taking action on reducing the emissions from the equipment you use.

How do I sign the Plant Charter?

Download Signatory Charter Report Template


Download Plant List Template 


Signing up to the Charter is voluntary and open to anyone who works with plant, whether you are a business than rents machinery out to others, or contractor who rents in equipment, or even has its own fleet. When you download the latest version of the Minimum Standards you will see that you need to provide information on the aspects listed above. Some of it is looking back at the most recent 12 months of operations, while the rest looks forward at your strategies and plans for reducing emissions.

To be approved as a Signatory to the Charter, at either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status, you need to provide a dossier of information to the School that shows your data, activities and plans for reducing emissions. The information you will need to submit comprises:

  1. Minimum Standards – data on the tailpipe emissions of equipment you rent or buy in, giving information on the engine Stages for the plant.
  2. Engagement – how you engage stakeholders on the lower emissions equipment you are using, or planning to use, such as plant demonstration days, when you have spoken at events, and published case studies.
  3. Awareness and Education – how you train and upskill your operatives, site managers, buyers and others who need to know how to procure cleaner plant and operate it more efficiently.
  4. Innovation – information on issues such as your fleet replacement plans with regard to lower emissions.
  5. Telematics – how you use data to inform activities
  6. Charter inclusion in supply chain & procurement – how you promote the charter tangibly throughout your supply chain

Signatories to the Updated Charter

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Why should I sign the Plant Charter?

Hear from James Cadman, Plant Group support from the School and Flannery Plant Hire Strategic Plant Manager Chris Matthew on the importance of the Charter and its commitments.

School launches the Plant Charter

The Plant Charter at Sunfest 2020

As part of Sunbelt Rentals’ Sunfest 2020, a virtual festival showcasing over 40 organisations leading the way in innovation and sustainability, James Cadman was asked to talk about the Plant Charter and what it can do to change the industry to make operations more sustainable.

The Plant Charter at Sunbelt Rentals’ Sunfest 2020

Our Partners

The Plant and Equipment Group is a collaboration between clients, contractors and plant hire companies and suppliers – aiming to improve air quality standards across the industry and look to engage and inform the supply chain on their role to play in moving to low-emission CPE.