Supply Chain School

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The FIR School provides resources in a wide range of formats including e-learning, case studies and training workshops. All resources aim to increase your knowledge and competence in 10 key ?FIR-related topics as detailed below.

  • Employment

    Every employer, employee and agency worker has basic rights Read more

  • Skills

    Practicing FIR enables businesses to attract, recruit, train... Read more

  • The Law

    The Equality Act 2010 applies to England, Wales and Scotland. Read more

  • Performance Advantage

    Companies can achieve performance advantage by promoting FIR Read more

  • FIR in service delivery

    he construction industry relies on effective partnership working for success Read more

  • Being a Good Employer

    Fairness, Inclusion and Respect supports a management approach Read more

  • Standards

    Businesses that have recognised that Fairness, Inclusion and Respect are critical Read more

  • What clients do

    The FIR Toolkit Resource Library contains material that explains the approach of clients, Read more