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Offsite Group

Fostering collaboration to enhance sustainability within the Offsite sector

Offsite Construction stands as a pivotal pillar in the quest for sustainability within the built environment

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Its significance lies in its ability to revolutionise traditional construction methods by minimizing resource consumption, reducing waste, and enhancing energy efficiency.

By shifting a substantial portion of construction activities to controlled factory settings, Offsite Construction diminishes on-site disruptions, curtails transportation-related emissions, and promotes the use of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, the precision and predictability offered by offsite techniques result in superior quality structures that tend to have longer lifespans, thus reducing the need for frequent renovations or replacements.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Offsite Construction emerges as a vital strategy to promote a greener and more environmentally responsible built environment.

2023 Offsite Group Update

To learn more about the group’s targets and objectives for 2023, download the Business Plan below.

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2023/2024 Offsite Group Update

Group Outputs:

Discover what the Offsite group has been working over the past year and the key reports produced.

Whole Life Carbon Guidance for Offsite Construction Report

In 2023, we investigated how offsite construction can impact carbon emissions across the whole life cycle, from materials to operation. The resulting report, guided by our expert steering group and Offsite Leadership Group Partners, provides advice on the 9 key ways premanufacture can help decarbonise our built environment.

Building on experiences shared from organisations across the sector, the guidance provides tailored recommendations on how different job roles can contribute to the effective use of offsite techniques as a carbon reduction tool.

Delivering Social Value through Offsite Construction Report

Our 2022 report, compiled alongside Akerlof and the University of Salford, explains the ways in which offsite projects can bring about as much, if not more social value than traditional construction.

When increasing proportions of the construction process within projects take place away from the development site, social and economic benefits which accrue can be undervalued or overlooked altogether. The report discusses how, with more robust evidence gathering, communication and early engagement, the best outcomes for communities both near to site and in the manufacturing locality can be achieved.

Bringing together academic research, industry literature and stakeholder experiences, we share step-by-step recommendations for the sector on how to demonstrate the possibilities of social value, along with five case studies across key social value themes.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School teamed up with Kier to create the Modern Methods of Construction database

It’s really important for clients and professional designers to understand the capabilities of the offsite construction supply chain. This interactive map allows offsite manufacturers to have visibility of who does what in the supply chain and to start the process of building those really important collaborations.

The School is pleased to be part of the Smart Construction Network

This is a collaboration of organisations who are leading the way in supporting innovative construction firms taking their crucial first steps towards adopting smarter, more modern methods of construction. Since its launch, the Network has grown to include organisations with world-leading expertise in the fields of offsite manufacturing, BIM & digital construction, and high-performance buildings.

Meet the Team:

Dave and Alfie are here to help get Partners involved with the Offsite Group.

David Emery
Group Manager
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Alfie Austyn
Group Support
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Meeting Dates:

The dates for all Offsite Group meetings have now been set for 2023/24. Please see below for further details and the notes from previous meetings.

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7th DecemberMicrosoft Teams

Meeting Notes:

Download notes from any of the previous Offsite Group meetings below.

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“The Offsite School is an excellent source of knowledge on DfMA and offsite construction. Its combination of online resources and face to face training delivery means that you can choose the style of learning that best suits your organisation.”
Nigel Ostime, Project Delivery Director, Hawkins Brown Architects

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