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  • "Gaps in equality law between Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

    Summary of the differences in equality legislation between Northern Ireland, where Equality Act 2010 doesn't apply, and Wales, England and Scotland, where it does

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  • 2017 Government Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors for Company Reporting

    Guidelines on the tool for Greenhouse gas conversion factors for company reporting

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  • 2018 Report: The International Well Building Institute

    2018 IWBI Report on WELL2, projects and industry innovations

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  • 5 facts about BIM in the construction industry

    Autodesk infographic explaining 5 facts about BIM in the construction industry including benefits and relevant standards.

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  • A comparison between BS 8903 and ISO 20400

    A document describing the differences between ISO 20400 and the document it replaces, BS 8903

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  • A guide to understanding the embodied impacts of construction products

    Construction Products Association (CPA) guidance to improve understanding of embodied impacts of construction products. Introduces life cycle considerations and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations.

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  • A Plan for Public Procurement: Food & Catering

    Overview of public procurement in the food and catering sector.

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